Are You Buying the Right Diamond? Learn the best tips

Diamond Buying Guide:

 You found "THE ONE!" Now what do you do? Today, the next step is to start the process of looking for an engagement ring. You may find yourself wondering: What do I look for? What does she like? How do I not mess this up? I know nothing about diamonds! Why is this so expensive? What is the difference between them? A million questions go through your mind because unfortunately buying a diamond is a lot more difficult than most people think. No diamond in the world is the same, and it can be very hard to tell why one may cost so much more than another. The difference can be so slight and invisible to the naked eye, which is why you should let an expert be your guide. The following 5 steps will ensure that you buy the right diamond for you and your loved one.

 1. Buy from a Reputable- Local Jeweler Coming from a family of jewelers that has been in our community for over 70 years, I can ensure you that we will do everything in our power to educate you and keep your best interest at heart while purchasing an engagement ring. Our family business, Sieger's Jewelers, is a prime example of a local jeweler that works with the best interest of our customers in mind. Our reputation is worth more than attempting to mislead a first-time buyer just to earn a higher profit. Your trust means more to us than making a sale. Your local jeweler is always the best place to shop first. When locating a reputable jeweler, it works best to ask family, friends and neighbors. If you prefer to look online first, search on Google and read reviews. Shop on their website to see what they have to offer and read into their history as a business.

2. Never Buy a Diamond Without Seeing it in Person- We have purchased diamonds for 70 years, and our family has never bought a diamond to sell to our customers without first seeing it in person. Therefore, you should take the time to sit with a local expert and view a selection of diamonds that meet your standards. In doing so, you will receive a better understanding of what makes each diamond unique. Every diamond is different and seeing it in person is a must. This allows for the best opportunity to witness each diamond's brilliance and will make the entire experience more personal and meaningful.

3. Ask Questions- When making this special purchase you should always ask questions about anything that you do not quite understand. Any reputable jeweler will gladly sit down with you and thoroughly go over the differences in diamond grading and the 4 Cs to help you get a better sense of each diamond. If a jeweler is not willing to take the time to do this, then I would recommend moving on to the next jeweler because there are many independent jewelers who are willing to work for and earn your business and trust.

 4. It is a Different Kind of Investment- Diamonds are rare! It may not seem like it, but diamonds are a limited resource, and it is a very expensive process to mine them. Are they an investment to make money? I cannot say I agree. Yes, my grandfather sold a one carat round, flawless diamond with the best color, D, back in 1938 for $800 and that diamond today is worth a fortune. Yes, diamonds have always increased in value. There are always a few exceptions to the rule. The true investment however is in the step you are making with your future husband or wife. I can tell you if you are looking to buy a diamond to resell it and make money, then it may take some time. Cherish the diamond you chose because it is yours, it is unique, and there isn't a single one out there like it.

 5. Trust- You must trust the jeweler you are buying your diamond from, or down the road you will learn you have not made the best decision. A family-owned local, independent jeweler who has been in business for a very long time is one of your best bets. There are a lot of great salesmen and women out there that can make something look better than it truly is. Although mentioned earlier in the article, I cannot stress enough how a reputable independent jeweler is a business who takes pride in their name and helping their customers. Yes, a jeweler must make a profit to stay in business, but I can safely say that you will not regret buying from your local family-owned jeweler. They make a fair profit to cover their expenses, but that jeweler would not still be in business if they were over-charging for their product and service.

 By: AJ Sieger III Siegers Jewelers Beaver, PA 15009 724-728-3252

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