Rhodium Plating


1. Sieger’s Staff checks to make sure all of your stones are in place and tight before cleaning.

2. We polish your jewelry with our polishing wheel to take out all scratches and marks and reduce the number of flaws in your jewelry.

3. We use our ultrasonic cleaner and steam machine to remove all possible contaminations.

4. In-house, we use our lab to re-rhodium your jewelry piece to make it look brand new.

Sieger’s Jewelers wants your jewelry to look the best that it possibly can. Our staff performs a vital maintenance of rhodium to your jewelry. The rhodium plating process gives your jewelry an unbelievable white, mirror like finish because it is the most reflective of all metals. It will allow for your diamonds to stand out because it is so ultra-white. Rhodium is not permanent; it will wear off eventually and will require periodic refinishing over time to keep your jewelry up to the standards you expect.

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