Why Not Shop Both Natural and Lab-Grown Diamonds? An Article That Could Save You Thousands.

Why Not Shop Both Natural and Lab-Grown Diamonds? An Article That Could Save You Thousands.

Introducing Sieger’s Jewelers

The jewelry industry has undergone major changes for years, and now those changes are bigger than ever in terms of how business is conducted and the products that are being sold. But before we dive in, let me tell you a little bit about our store. Our journey in the jewelry industry began in the late 1930s with our grandfather, and today, the legacy continues with our 3rd generation of jewelers, AJ Sieger III and Tyler Gill, who are the owners of Sieger’s Jewelers. We take pride in our family history and the trust our clients continue to place in us for education and offering quality products at great values. We are honest and genuinely care for our clients, believing that we can not only offer great products but also save people hundreds and even thousands of dollars in their jewelry shopping. Why not place your trust in us? If you believe in our article, our contact information will be available for you to call and see for yourself.

Comparing Diamonds is Challenging

At Sieger’s Jewelers, shopping for a diamond is an exciting experience that should continue to be so. However, differing opinions on natural and lab-grown diamonds have caused confusion within the jewelry industry for both retail customers and jewelers themselves. When a product becomes confusing, the experience of shopping for a lifelong heirloom becomes diminished. It was already difficult enough for consumers to walk into a jewelry store and try to decide if a natural diamond represented a good value or not. That's why we believe that the true story of a diamond goes beyond its monetary investment value and signifies trust, commitment, and unity in your future together. Such an investment holds greater significance than any monetary value.

Internet Shoppers

The internet provides accessibility to research nearly anything for prices, but why is it that when you look up a diamond with all the same characteristics, the difference in pricing can amount to thousands of dollars? Well, I hate to tell you, but a 1–6-month process will not provide you with the answers that experts and generations have taken lifetimes to learn.

What we can tell you is that shopping for jewelry begins by building a relationship and trust with the people you're working with throughout the process. The second step involves using third-party grading reports, and our recommendation is either GIA or AGS to narrow down your search. Following this, rely on your own eyes and trusted experts to guide you in selecting the right diamond. If you truly trust the sales associate you're working with, buying a non-certified diamond will always save you money.

The reason consumers observe such a significant price difference in diamonds with the same reports is because "ALL DIAMONDS ARE DIFFERENT." Once again, "ALL DIAMONDS ARE DIFFERENT." With years of experience examining thousands of diamonds, I can unequivocally state that every diamond presents differently, with variations in color, inclusions, brilliance, and overall appearance. If I were to present 5 diamonds, all with the same report, each one of those diamonds could look distinct and command a range of prices. This is why comparing a diamond online to the one you're looking at in person is an inaccurate approach – they might seem similar on paper, but they will not be the same. You can't even compare diamonds between different jewelry stores, and that's why your final choice comes down to the store you choose to place your trust in.

The Truth About Lab-Grown Diamonds

Now, let's address what everyone wants to know – lab-grown diamonds. The biggest question is: Are they real diamonds? The answer is yes, they are every bit as much a diamond as one that was naturally mined. The only distinction lies in the process of growing a lab-grown diamond and the time it takes. Lab-grown diamonds are here to stay, and like any new product, they are finding their place in our industry. The technology, efficiency, and supply are all improving, with more manufacturers embracing them. Even those who previously stated they would never carry lab-grown diamonds are now doing so. Sieger’s Jewelers has been selling lab-grown diamonds for years, and despite initial threats from traditional diamond wholesalers and attempts to devalue or criticize lab-grown diamonds, one thing they were right about is the decrease in prices. However, at Sieger’s, we didn't believe in disparaging a beautiful product that offered customers an alternative choice. Thanks to this choice, I can confifdently say that our customers are saving tens of thousands of dollars compared to what a natural diamond would have cost them. They are happier than ever to achieve their vision without breaking the bank.

There's no question that lab-grown diamonds are now more affordable, and while the prices have dropped, the money saved still outweighs the adjustments in pricing. I believe that lab-grown diamond prices will continue to fluctuate alongside the natural diamond market. However, who can predict what the future holds, given the world's experiences over the past three years?

The Best Time in Years to Buy

What's not being discussed is the recent decline in natural diamond prices, paralleling the trend seen in lab-grown diamonds over the last 6 months. This is one of the best times I've seen in 8 years to purchase natural diamonds. The prices I'm seeing today are unprecedented, and we can sell natural diamonds for less than their wholesale price just a year ago. Even lab-grown diamonds are an excellent buy! Therefore, as a consumer, seize the opportunity during this time when the division in the jewelry industry persists, as prices are unlikely to remain low indefinitely.

Why Choose Sieger’s Jewelers

At Sieger’s Jewelers, we believe in providing exemplary service by educating you about both natural and lab-grown diamonds. We assist you with our expert opinions and then let "YOU" decide what best suits your new journey. If anything, don't let a jeweler deter you from what's best for "YOU." Here at Sieger’s Jewelers, we know we can save you money, and that doesn't mean compromising on quality. It means that we're dedicated to sourcing the best available products on the market at amazing prices. We can compete with any major store, and the larger the store, the more we save you. If you're in the market and willing to give us an opportunity, we're excited to assist you and discuss the next steps. Above all, we hope this article has provided valuable information to enhance your exciting shopping experience. Contact us today at 724-728-3252 or visit our website at www.siegersjewelers.com.


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