Jewelry Repair


"Don't let your broken jewelry waste away in your jewelry box, bring it to Sieger's Jewelers and we'll make sure that you are wearing it again in no time."

For three generations and 71 plus years Sieger's Jewelers has been repairing jewelry in Beaver County. You can count on us to have the experience, equipment and team needed to perform your repairs to the highest standards and quality that you can rely on.

    Why should you consider Siegers Jewelers repair service over others:
  • 1. Trusted Name
  • 2. Expert Repair
  • 3. Fast Service
  • 4. Fair & Competive Pricing
  • 5. Guarantee

Trust - When it comes time to have your family heirloom or sentimentally valued jewelry piece left for a repair, it can be a daunting task. What makes it a comforting experience is knowing Sieger's Jewelers has been a trusted family owned and operated jewelry store in our community and surrounding communities for 71 plus years. No jewelry item is worth our reputation! Our goal is to provide you with an exceptional experience, whether it is for a jewelry repair or purchasing a gift for your special occasion.

Expert Repair - With 71 years of experience Sieger's Jewelers has the resume to know exactly how to fix your jewelry piece the correct way the first time. We always have an expert onsite to be able to review your jewelry piece and determine the best route to get it back to looking new again. Be sure to bring your broken jewelry to an expert team like Sieger's Jewelers family!

Fast Service - Everyday repairs will take 1-7 Business Days, Sieger's Jewelers goal is to repair your jewelry in a timely manner while still producting quality work! * Please advise more advanced repairs may take additional time. While visiting Sieger's Jewelers our experts will give you an estimated completion time.

Competitive Pricing - Sieger's Jewelers charges a fair and competitive price for the quality of repair service we provide and seek day after day, be sure to visit Sieger's Jewelers in Beaver, PA to have an expert quote. All quotes are Free of charge!

Guarantee - Sieger's Jewelers guarantee's our work for 1 year. Sieger's Jewelers guarantee is based on the work that was completed and documented in our file. If it is an area on your jewelry piece that was not worked on from our documentation there be an additional charge. In a rare case if the area of your jewelry item is still not repaired or does have complication, Sieger's Jewelers will re-do the repair at no cost. If you pick up jewelry piece and if returned with complication. Sieger's Jewelers will evaluate your item and if there is evidence of wear or neglect, Sieger's Jewelers will charge for additional repairs.

Please view below all repair work Sieger's Jewelers performs:

    Ring sizing

  • • Men’s
    • Weddings Bands
    • Fashion Rings
  • • Women’s
    • Engagement rings
    • Fashion Rings
    • Wedding Bands

    Ring Repairs

  • • Re-tipping prongs
  • • Stone tightening
  • • Polishing
  • • New Head
  • • New Shank
  • • New 1/2 Shank
  • • Supplying & setting missing precious stones 
  • • Re-Rhodium 
  • • Tacking Bottom or Top of Ring


  • • Gold Chains
  • • Gold Rings
  • • Gold Bracelets
  • • Gold Necklaces
  • • Gold Earrings
  • • Platinum Rings
  • • Platinum Bracelets
  • • Platinum Earrings
  • • Sterling Chains
  • • Sterling Rings
  • • Sterling Bracelets
  • • Sterling Necklaces
  • • Sterling Earrings


  • • Clasp Repairs
  • • Necklace Repairs
  • • Bracelet Repairs
  • • Stone Setting
  • • Etc.

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