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Siegers Jewelers has been making custom jewelry for over 70 years and three generations. It is our goal to bring your vision to life with our expertise and years of experience. When making custom jewelry it is a process and does take 4-6 weeks to perfect and finish the final product. Please visit Siegers Jewelers in Downtown Beaver, Pa to sit down with our experts to discuss the process and give us a detailed vision of what you would like to customize.

 Step by Step Process

  • Step One: Set up a meeting with our experts (Please contact Siegers Jewelers so we can set a meeting together)
  2. Phone: 724-728-3252
  • Step two: Discuss the custom jewelry item you would like to design Diamonds, Gemstones, Metals, Size, Color, Finish Date etc. ( Siegers Jewelers will take notes and free hand the jewelry piece) Pictures or drawings will help explain the custom item, please email or bring to the meeting
  • Step three: Siegers Jewelers experts will design a cad file and design a 3d picture so you can really visualize the custom jewelry item.
  • Step four: Approve the 3d custom pictures and Siegers Jewelers will either hand carve or create a wax using top technology.
  • Step five: Customer can view the wax and make any last minute detailed adjustments, Because after the wax is complete that is when we will start casting the ring.
  • Step Six: Allow our experts at Siegers Jewelers cast, set, polish and finish the ring to perfection.
  • Step Seven: Siegers Jewelers will contact you with the final product, gift wrap and thank you for choosing Siegers Jewelers.

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